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While the electronic Health Dictionary Series Wikie project is completely free of charge to use; we are frequently asked if hardcopy print versions are available.

So, in true capitalistic and free enterprise fashion, we complied with your requests and now offer the print resources listed below. Buy any individual dictionary handbook-of-choice; or purchase all three as an integrated set for deep comprehensive use anytime and anywhere; no Wi-Fi or internet connection needed. A thoughtful academic gift for any occasion.

① Dictionary of Health Insurance and Managed Care

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[Dr. Mike Stahl PhD MBA]

  Dictionary of Health Economics and Finance 

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[Dr. Tom Getzen PhD MBA] 

③ Dictionary of Health Information Technology and Security

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[Dr. Rick Mata MD MBA CIS]

NOTEWORTHY: Print dictionaries contain additional rich material not listed on this free electronic website Wiki. For example:

  • A basic health insurance primer.
  • Managed care resources for health insurance payers, providers, clinics and medical practices.
  • Managed care resources for benefits managers, insurance agents, nurse-executives and laymen.
  • Comprehensive list of acronyms / abbreviations / eponyms / synonyms and relate definitions, etc.
  • Mathematic, economic, business and actuarial equations and formulas.
  • Appendix lists [multiple].
  • Charts, tables, graphs, schematics and assorted [B&W] illustrations.
  • Individual state [50] mandated health insurance laws.
  • List of insurance commissioners by state [50].
  • Additional references, bibliography, citations and readings.

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